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smile accent

It doesn’t matter if your wear the finest of jewelry or none……the hippest of clothing or comfy sweats…..your best accent is your smile 🙂

+ vs –

Angry and satisfied smiling ball

Just for a minute, think about something that really pisses you off….feel the anger that comes with it. Now clear yourself and think about something sweet & happy…something that brings you pure joy. Hold that thought for a moment.

Now…..which one do you think took more of your energy from you? Which one do you think gave you more energy? We think about how other people affect us with negativity but we tend to forget that our own thoughts can also feed or take away from our energy. The more positive thoughts we put out, the stronger and more positive our energy field is. We feel better all the way around. So…..where do you want your focus to be? How to you want to feel? You can choose to shift your thoughts if you find them turning to negative ones. It takes practice so don’t stress yourself over not having it happen right away. We’re bombarded with negative thoughts & visuals daily….TV, radio, social media, life in general with work & finances. Very simply, pick a visual that makes you happy…..a laughing child, wiggly puppy, bright flowers….whatever your happy place is. Anytime you find your mind wandering to those energy zapping negative thoughts, tap your finger on the center of your forehead (helps activate the 3rd eye) and think about the visual to your happy thought….just for a few seconds. This will help shift your thought process and replace the energy lost to the negative thought.

If you’re happy and you know it…..yep…..clap your hands! Laugh it out!

Many happy thoughts & smiles to you,


When was the last time?


When was the last time you gave a smile or compliment to a complete stranger? When was the last time you received a smile or compliment from a complete stranger? When was the last time you (for those with children) remember letting the kids run around the neighborhood to play…knowing that the neighbors would all keep an eye out on them? How about even hearing about a community coming together to help one of their own through a crisis?

Community has changed so much. We used to not even hesitate to smile or compliment a stranger or flinch when we received any. Now it seems as if people assume you must either want something from them or are a touch out of your mind! We used to work together as a community to watch over each other and our children….now if you correct somebodies child to protect or teach them safety you have an angry parent on your hands! Now communities are more just a group of individuals keeping to themselves. 

There are still some amazing people out there that reach out to strangers, not afraid to watch over others children or pets and not afraid to be there to support neighbors going through a crisis….but you just don’t hear about it as much anymore. It’s such a shame that todays society has become so “me” oriented. One day things will come full circle and we’ll need to come together and work as a community again to survive. Don’t wait for that day…start practicing now so you’re ready! Reach out to a stranger….smile or say something nice…even if they look at you like you have 3 heads! Just do it….it feels good and who knows….we just start a new craze 🙂