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Valentines Reading Special!


Valentines Reading Special!

Only 10 days left until Valentines Day….did you get you lovey a wonderful gift yet? Not sure what to get? Heres an idea! Gift certificates available and these can be done via phone & email too so don’t let distance or weather get in the way!

Romance readings with Kat for only $30 (approx 30 minutes) & couples (approx 60 minutes) for $50!
Are you single and wondering whats coming or what you can do to create your dreams? Are you in a relationship but wondering what you can do you make it stronger or wondering what direction it maybe going in? These readings will be geared specifically to romance & relationships with special cards filled with love energy!

*Book your appointment now as times are limited and this special will end by Valentines Day! They can also be done via phone or email. The readings will still be available after but will go to the regular price of $40 and $70 for couples.