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Stress such a big part in our health issues. It’s a stressful world these days and we deal with it daily. If we allow the stress to get the better of us then it can lead to health issues and even relationship strains.


Where does it come from?

  1. Finances
  2. Relationships
  3. Work
  4. Violent world events
  5. Health issues
  6. Other people’s negativity
  7. So much more…..


Did you realize that even our diet becomes affected by stress in numerous ways? Stress can change the way our body digests the food, it can slow our metabolism down and it can lead to excessive eating of comfort foods. This causes additional strain on our physical well being & emotional self esteem.


Stress can raise blood pressure, sugar levels in diabetics, contribute to ulcers, lower our resistance and much more.

There many holistic & positive ways to help ourselves deal with the daily stress.

  1. Meditation
  2. Reiki
  3. Aromatherapy
  4. Quiet time
  5. Walking (especially in nature)
  6. Breathing exercises


When you find the perfect stress cure for you and stick to it, your health & well being will improve immensely!








Meditation Made Easy



Meditation Techniques

1. Breathing:

Our everyday breathing is quite shallow and usually only partially fills our lungs. When we are beginning a meditation, we need to adjust our breathing to completely fill not only our lungs but also our stomach. Take a normal breath….feel where the airs goes and pay attention to how much air you pull in and how much you exhale. Now….take a deep breath….pulling in as much air as you possibly can….expanding both your lungs & stomach. This is how much air your lungs hold (plus some) and when you only take in a small amount and exhale a small amount….think about how much stale & used air is remaining in your lungs. Think about how little exercise your lungs are really getting each day. So… start your meditation practice, breathing deeper & fuller will not only help you de-stress but will also help build up the strength of your lungs & stomach. This will keep you healthier and breathing stronger for much longer!

Get comfortable…sitting or laying down….close your eyes…..

Take a slow deep breath in…..fill the lungs & belly as much as you can…..tell yourself, in your mind, IN IN IN……..

Now slowly exhale as much air as possible…..contracting both the lungs & belly….telling yourself, OUT OUT OUT…….. repeat this several times…………

YOU HAVE JUST MEDITATED!  You were focused on yourself and on the moment….not worried or thinking about the outside…even if just for a few moments 🙂

2. Muscle relaxation:

Another important part of meditation is relaxation of the muscles. One of the easiest ways to practice this is to tighten and then relax one area at a time….hands, arms, shoulders, back, belly, buttocks (yes I said buttocks…get the giggles out now….lol), thighs, knees, calves, ankles & feet.

Start with the basics when you are first beginning to learn and then you can add the detailed areas as you go.

Here’s an example to start: Get comfy, close your eyes… 3 breaths as listed in the breathing above…..

Now clench your hands tight….hold for 1…..2…..3……

Now slowly release and pay attention to letting those hands relax…melt….just hang there……

Now the shoulders…….scrunch them up tight to your ears…hold for 1…..2….3… slowwly let them drop until they droop down….just hanging and relaxed…

Now the thighs……tighten them up….hold for 1….2…..3……ok….now relax them slowly and let them melt into the chair or floor….

Now the calves……tighten them up…hold for 1……2…….3…….ok…now relax them slowly and let them melt into the chair or floor….

Now the feet…..tighten them up, scrunch the toes, arch the foot…whatever you need to do to tighten them up…..hold for 1……2…….3…….now slowly let them relax….feel them hang there all limp like jello.

Take another 3 slow deep breaths in & out as you began…….now slowly wiggle your fingers and toes…..when you’re ready….open your eyes and smile as you enter back into the room 🙂

3. Body Scan:

This one is my favorite and I think it’s the easiest to get your focus trained. It also has the added benefit of getting to know your body and how it feels…to be more aware of when things are out of whack & in need of attention. This one also helps to grow your intuition as you will be working with your 3rd eye….or your imagination 😉 You will be focusing on the different parts of the body and using your mind’s eye to see inside….yes, inside as in bones, tendons, blood vessels, etc and how amazing the body is and what it does for us everyday.

So….let’s get started!

Get comfy (laying down preferred but can be done sitting)…..close your eyes…. Take a slow deep breath…..filling the chest & belly…..slowly exhale, contracting the chest & belly……again…..deep breath in…….exhale….one last deep breath……slow exhale…….

Now….with your mind’s eye….take your focus to your hands…..with that wonderful minds eye…see inside the hand…all the tiny bones in the hand and the little bones that are in the fingers….see the joints and how they move….bend the fingers a little and see how the joints work… in awe at how much they do this all day…..take notice to if either hand feels stiff or achy…if any finger doesn’t move as easy…or are both feeling good? Acknowledge this feeling and put it aside. …thank your hands for all they do. take a breath…..

Now turn your focus to your shoulders……use your mind’s eye, your imagination, to see the inside of the shoulders…the joints & the bones…..see how they move….circle your shoulders just a bit….take notice to any stiffness or discomfort…..think about how much they move in a day….how much stress they hold……acknowledge any discomfort and then put the thought aside…thank the shoulders for all they do. take a breath…..

Now turn your attention to your knees…..with your mind’s eye see the joint..the cap…see how work together….bending up & down, move them a bit so you can see how they move……think about how much they move in a day…pay attention and take note to how they feel….is one stiffer than the other? Do they both move the same? Acknowledge any discomfort and then put the thought aside…thank them for all they do. take a breath….

Now turn your focus to your feet……with your mind’s eye again…..see how the ankle bones & joints move and twist…..see all the teeny tiny bones running across the top of the feet…..see the short little bones & tiny joints in the toes….turn your ankles a bit….wiggle your toes a bit…see how they move…feel any difference between the two…take notice to any discomfort…..acknowledge that and put the thought aside…..thank your feet for carrying you and for all they do in the day.

Now take a deep breath in….1……2……3……slowly exhale…..again…in……1….2….3…..slowly exhale… last deep breath in….1…….2…….3………..slowly exhale……..move your fingers & toes…..and when you’re ready….open your eyes and with a smile come back into the room 🙂

Welcome back!



Take just a few minutes out of your day and try it! Feel the difference 🙂



Reiki for Resolutions

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Many people are starting to become aware of Reiki and the many wonderful things it can be utilized for. More and more people are asking questions and looking for different ways to address health & wellbeing. Reiki has been getting a lot of attention for helping battle cancer and surgery recovery…even many hospitals have begun offering Reiki to their cancer & surgery patients. It is also recognized for the amazing way it helps to reduce stress which is where many ailments stem from. What tends to get overlooked or forgotten is the wonderful way Reiki can be used for eliminating bad habits & addictions. It works in two different ways to help us once we have decided to let go of the habits or addictions.

High Vibration: Reiki is a pure love vibration which is much higher than our physical bodies vibrations. When Reiki is introduced to our bodies it will raise our vibration….hence the wonderful feeling we get, the clearer thinking and the relaxed yet energized feeling we are left with. Bad habits and addictions that aren’t good for us are a very low vibration and bring our own vibrations lower. These low vibrations cannot exist within the higher vibration so as long as we keep our vibrations up…the things that cause the lower vibrations cease to feel right and then are released. We come to feel comfortable in the higher vibration, which is where we are meant to be, and no longer desire the lower feeling.

Stress reduction: We tend to turn to many of our bad habits & addictions when we feel stressed. We have been conditioned to believe that these are comforts and will make us feel better. Many of the bad habits & addictions do give us a feeling of well being, comfort or relaxation but it is short lived and usually follows with an even lower feeling of guilt, self loathing or even physical dismay. Reiki is one of the best tools for a stress reduction that not only lasts longer, but also goes deeper than the surface feel good we get with the bad habits & addictions. Reiki never leaves us with the negative feelings afterwards that the others do.

Reiki will only work to help you eliminate the bad habits or addictions if you are ready to let go. It does not act against your free will. I found Reiki a wonderful tool in assisting me to quit smoking. I had quite before many years back and I had a terrible time…it took months and was always a battle after. Then I took smoking back up again for about 6 years. I then discovered Reiki and after learning & getting certified and receiving my Master Teacher level….I decided to quit smoking again. This time I did self Reiki and I was done with smoking in just a few days. 4 plus years later I still have absolutely NO desire what-so-ever to pick one up!


Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

In practising Reiki and learning about the Chakras, I have found so much more importance to having the Chakras balanced than I realized! Our Chakras have a profound affect on our physical & emotional well being. I teach a class on the Chakras that includes not only the placement, colors and such but also the corresponding element, right, emotion and more. I couldn’t find a guided meditation that incorporated it all so I created my own! If you are working on your Chakras, enjoy meditating & the beach…..sit back and relax, enjoy & balance!

Reiki & Stress

Reiki has been getting more attention in the mainstream lately…yay! We see many hospitals utilizing it in surgery & cancer wards now. I’m thrilled to see it getting recognized more & more for the benefits it can provide. I do feel though, that it’s being overlooked and forgotten for one on the biggest issues that many, if not all, of us deal with. STRESS! Everyday and in many ways stress shows its ugly face. Work, bills, family, friends and so many other things contribute to it. Most of us also know that continued stress leads to so many more issues….minor & major. We think to treat other health issues….many of us even seek out Reiki when dealing with these issues. But how about the stress everyday? If more corporations and businesses would offer even mini Reiki sessions to it’s employees, we would see an decrease in stress & in increase in productivity. With less stress we would see less sick days needed, less medical visits needed and a more relaxed atmosphere all around the workplace. If more people would treat themselves to an occasional Reiki session or learn it themselves, they would have a more relaxed home space as well. Massage is used quite a bit for relaxation and a good massage works great to relax the body. However, after a good massage session you usually feel so relaxed that your body feels like jello and you’re even feeling sleepy and you really have no energy. The stress is removed but its not replaced with anything. With Reiki you get the same relaxation in the body & mind but yet you have an energized feeling. The stress leaves but energy replaces that space. Relaxed & energized! Isn’t that what we all need? Less stress = less health issues……more energy = more productivity! Bring on the Reiki!!!!!!!