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My prayer for all of you that are riding some rough waves right now ❤

Angel Info Part 2: Which Angel to call on

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Archangel Ariel~ Archangel overseeing prosperity. Ariel brings guidance to help you find the way towards increased wealth in all areas of your life. She can help you find a job, start a business, or to simply remember you deserve financial abundance in your life. Ariel will help you to open to receive the prosperity and money from both expected and unexpected sources.

Archangel Chamuel~ Assists in boosting confidence, building career success, and finding lost objects (including money). He will help to clear confusion which may be blocking the flow of prosperity into your light.

Archangel Metatron~ Brings motivation to create positive change. Metatron assists in deciphering your souls dreams and passions, and in tapping into skills and resources you developed in lifetimes past.

Archangel Michael~ Archangel of Protection. Brings courage, strength, and clears negative energy so you can move forward in manifesting your dreams.

Archangel Raguel~ Works to restore peace and harmony. Will help to heal your relationships with people and with money, can help to bring you into harmony with the flow of money.

Archangel Raziel~ Archangel of Divine Magic. Helps to manifest prosperity and to understand the mysteries of the Universe. Can assist in magically aligning opportunities or Divinely inspired income generating ideas.

Archangel Sandalphon~ Carry’s prayers to the Divine (including prayers for increased abundance. Assists with musical pursuits and aspirations. Do you want to make money in the world of music? Sandalphon is the angel to call upon!

Archangel Zadkiel~ Brings emotional healing, and forgiveness making way for Prosperity in Abundance, and the manifestation of your authentic purpose.

Archangel Michael~ is the leader of the archangels. His name means “he who is like God,” and he is the archangel of protection and the patron saint of policemen. He carries a sword that symbolizes his ability to cut through all fear and resistance. He lends his courage and his strength to anyone who calls on him. Michael has a fiery energy, and when you invoke him it’s very possible you might feel warm or even begin to sweat.
If you tap into your clairvoyance, you might see the colors purple and blue, which are associated with Archangel Michael’s presence. Call on Archangel Michael, and he will help you with protection of all kinds. He will empower you with the courage you need for any situation.

Prayer to Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael, please come to me now and surround me in your protective shield of light. Please clear my energy field and release me from all negativity. Help me feel safe and protected in your loving presence and provide me with the courage I need.

Archangel Raphael~ Protects Travelers
Archangel Raphael’s name means “God heals” or “God has healed.” Raphael is not only a healer, but he protects travelers of all kinds. Call on Raphael when you want to feel safe and protected while traveling. Ask that your journey from beginning to end be experienced with ease and protection.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael:

Archangel Raphael, I know you are with us at all times. I ask for your assistance during our travels. Please protect me and all concerned so we feel surrounded in God’s loving presence until we reach our destination safely and with ease.

Archangel Ariel~ Protects the Environment and Animals
Archangel Ariel’s name means “lion or lioness of God.” She is committed to helping heal and protect Mother Nature, which includes all animals. She is the protector of the waters. She watches over all bodies of water and aquatic life. Ariel also protects those who travel upon the water, like fishermen. If you feel concerned about the environment and you want to do your part in protecting it, call on Ariel for support and help.
When your pets are sick or in trouble, ask both Archangel Ariel and Archangel Raphael to intervene. Ask them to watch over your pets and trust that they will receive the protection and healing they need.

Prayer to Archangel Ariel to Protect Mother Nature:

Archangel Ariel, I see that Mother Nature needs some healing and balance. Please watch over all of her inhabitants and see that they are protected from all harm. Please bring healing to the earth and remind me how I can play my part in helping and healing Mother Nature.

Cassiel~ has a wide range of duties and responsibilities. In many religious traditions he is known as the angel of temperance. You may wonder about the correlation is between love and temperance. Think of it this way: when searching for love, many of us hook up with the next available person just to avoid loneliness. Cassiel will help you steer clear of that scenario. He understands tears and sorrow. If you recently broke up he will help you heal while working on finding you a new and better partner.

Chamuel (or Camuel)~ is often considered the Archangel of love. He can help with any matters of the heart. If you fear that you are not loveable or have too many flaws, this angel can teach you about unconditional love for yourself and others. He’s a pro at clearing out negative emotions too. Whether you are seeking a new lover or want to improve your current relationship, call on Chamuel to assist.

Jophiel’s~ name means “Beauty of God” and what could be more beautiful than the gift of love? He inspires creativity and joy in life and teaches us to appreciate beauty. This angel is also good at helping you make decisions. If you are unsure about a potential mate, he can provide clarity and wisdom. And if you are blessed (or cursed) with several lovers, he can help you choose the best one!

Angel Info Part 1: Angelic Hierachy & The Seraphim Call


Do you know which Archangels or angels to call on for different needs? Here’s part 1 of some Angel info to understand better how they assist us & which are better suited for our specific needs. The Seraphim Call is a prayer to reach out to the whole Heirarchy 🙂 . I tried to find the author of that prayer but had no luck so if anybody happens to have that info please share!

Part 2 will have some specific prayers to Archangles assigned to certain tasks…..ex: Archangel Michael for protection, etc.

Celestial Angelic Hierarchy

Seraphim: These are the highest order or choir of angels. They are the angels who are attendants or guardians before God’s throne. Seraphim have six wings, two cover their faces, two cover their feet, and two are for flying.

Cherubim: Cherubim rank after the seraphim and are the second highest in the hierarchies of angels. They were closely linked in God’s glory. They are manlike in appearance and double-winged.

Thrones: Thrones are the Angels of pure Humility, Peace and Submisssion. They reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. The lower of Angels need the Thrones to access God.

Dominions: Dominions are Angels of Leadership. They regulate the duties of the angels, making known the commands of God.

Virtues: Virtues are known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements. They are sometimes referred to as “the shining ones.” They govern all nature. They have control over seasons, stars, moon; even the sun is subject to their command. They are also in charge of miracles and provide courage, grace, and valor.

Powers: Powers are Warrior Angels against evil defending the cosmos and humans. They are known as potentates. They fight against evil spirits who attempt to wreak chaos through human beings. The chief is said to be either Samael or Camael.

Archangels: Archangels are generally taken to mean “chief or leading angel”, they are the most frequently mentioned throughout the Bible. The Archangels have a unique role as God’s messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael are among these.

Angels: These angels are closest to the material world and human begins. They deliver the prayers to God and God’s answers and other messages to humans. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other Angels at any time. They are the most caring and social to assist those who ask for help.

Seraphim Call

Brilliant Seraphim I call to thee
Circle ’round, bring love to me.
Mighty Cherubim guard my gate
Remove from me sorrow and hate.
Thrones stand firm, stable be
Keep me steady on land or sea.
I call Dominions, Leadership true
May I be fair in all I do.
Circles of protection Powers form
Help me weather any storm.
Miraculous Virtues hover near
Elemental energies I summon here.
Principalities bring global reform
Bless the world and each babe born.
Glorious ArchAngels show me the way
To bring peace and harmony every day.
Guardian angel, Goddess might
Bless me with your guiding light.

*Author Unknown