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One Card Reading Video with Kat 10-07-14

I missed getting Mondays One card Message out yesterday so I thought I would try something new. I will still keep to Mondays fron now forward but I’m going to try doing it as a video so you can see the card being drawn and maybe get a bit more out of it! Once I get the hang of the video part a bit better, maybe i’ll do 2-3 cards πŸ™‚ So heres the first One Card Video Reading!


Mondays Message 09/22/14


Mondays Message 09/22/14
I’m still working with Barbara Moore’s deck “Destiny’s Portal” with art by Jessica Galbreth.

Todays card drawn was Cernunnos:
Cernunnos is the Lord of the Wild Things. His eyes see right through you to you inner essence….you inner wildness. This card represents giving into your wild nature. Something is calling to you and normally you would say “oh no….I really shouldn’t” but at this time Cernunnus is saying yes…’s time to allow it….it’s time to abandon a little self control and nurture your spirit by endulging in that which delights your senses. This doesn’t mean be reckless and risk harm to yourself or others……use common sense. What have you been holding back from enjoying? Whats been calling to you and you’re denying yourself the pleasure of? See the expression on the beautiful maidens face? She is ready to give herself to Cernunnos and dares anybody to stop her! Find that feeling and hold it….be that maiden

Angel Info Part 1: Angelic Hierachy & The Seraphim Call


Do you know which Archangels or angels to call on for different needs? Here’s part 1 of some Angel info to understand better how they assist us & which are better suited for our specific needs. The Seraphim Call is a prayer to reach out to the whole Heirarchy πŸ™‚ . I tried to find the author of that prayer but had no luck so if anybody happens to have that info please share!

Part 2 will have some specific prayers to Archangles assigned to certain tasks…..ex: Archangel Michael for protection, etc.

Celestial Angelic Hierarchy

Seraphim: These are the highest order or choir of angels. They are the angels who are attendants or guardians before God’s throne. Seraphim have six wings, two cover their faces, two cover their feet, and two are for flying.

Cherubim: Cherubim rank after the seraphim and are the second highest in the hierarchies of angels. They were closely linked in God’s glory. They are manlike in appearance and double-winged.

Thrones: Thrones are the Angels of pure Humility, Peace and Submisssion. They reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape. The lower of Angels need the Thrones to access God.

Dominions: Dominions are Angels of Leadership. They regulate the duties of the angels, making known the commands of God.

Virtues: Virtues are known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements. They are sometimes referred to as “the shining ones.” They govern all nature. They have control over seasons, stars, moon; even the sun is subject to their command. They are also in charge of miracles and provide courage, grace, and valor.

Powers: Powers are Warrior Angels against evil defending the cosmos and humans. They are known as potentates. They fight against evil spirits who attempt to wreak chaos through human beings. The chief is said to be either Samael or Camael.

Archangels: Archangels are generally taken to mean “chief or leading angel”, they are the most frequently mentioned throughout the Bible. The Archangels have a unique role as God’s messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael are among these.

Angels: These angels are closest to the material world and human begins. They deliver the prayers to God and God’s answers and other messages to humans. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other Angels at any time. They are the most caring and social to assist those who ask for help.

Seraphim Call

Brilliant Seraphim I call to thee
Circle ’round, bring love to me.
Mighty Cherubim guard my gate
Remove from me sorrow and hate.
Thrones stand firm, stable be
Keep me steady on land or sea.
I call Dominions, Leadership true
May I be fair in all I do.
Circles of protection Powers form
Help me weather any storm.
Miraculous Virtues hover near
Elemental energies I summon here.
Principalities bring global reform
Bless the world and each babe born.
Glorious ArchAngels show me the way
To bring peace and harmony every day.
Guardian angel, Goddess might
Bless me with your guiding light.

*Author Unknown

“Beautiful Creatures”



Beautiful creatures are we,
Represented by three.
Be us Maiden, Mother or Crone,
our gifts & power we will own.
Maidens magic is new and strong,
Mothers magic will last long.
The Crone magic is filled with wisdom
and to her the others will come.
Witches we be, witches we are,
love us close or from a far.
We are healers & teachers
and all beautiful creatures.
Love & light are tools of ours
magic spells enhance our powers.

Mondays One Card Message 9/15/14

Mondays Message 9-15

Mondays Message 09/15/14
I’m loving the way the new deck is talking to me so I’m using the Destiny’s Portal again for todays message. This deck is by Barbara Moore & the amazing artwork is by Jessica Galbreth. I always ask for a message that will reach atleast one person for their highest good so if this resonates with you then put it to work!
Todays one card drawn is Temptation.
Temptation can be a simple as over indulging in something that may not be good for you or it can be as serious as something or somebody tempting you into someting completly bad or unsafe for you. Part of you already knows that what you are considering or contemplating may not be in your best interest….is somebody encouraging or pushing you into it? Think it through…..can it hurt you or somebody else? Can it cause grief to you or another? This card is heeding you to resist the temptation…..consider the consequences carefully. Don’t be pressured or bullied into something you know deep down is not good for you or others.
If you feel like you need some assistance in resisting:
(From the book included with this gorgeous deck)
You’ll need:
Black candle, tigers eye crystal, small black cloth & sandlewood oil

Sit in front of a mirror, anoint the tigers eye & the candle with the sandlewood oil & wrap the crystal in the black cloth. Place the bundle infront of you and the candle in a safe holder next to it. Light the candle, look at your reflection and with your dominant hand resting on the bundle repeat 3 times:
Resist I can
And resist I will
What is offered
Doesn’t fit my bill!
Allow the candle to completely burn down & carry the crystal with you until you feel you are no longer in danger of giving in to the temptation.

Creating a Fairy Realm / Garden



It’s a beautiful day today and it feels like a Fairy day πŸ™‚ So here’s some info on creating your own Fairy Gareden or Fairy space!

It is believed that the Fairies usually emerge and play from dusk till dawn, when all is quiet – here is a list of things you can include in your Fairy Garden that will attract and delight them:
Wind Chimes – Fairies love to hear the tinkling of chimes and bells, anything that chimes and is gentle music is appealing for fairies and if you listen hard enough, you may hear them brush past them! They love to dance!
A Pathway – Give the fairies a winding pathway to follow through their garden to help them find their way – this makes things much easier for the fairies, you can use stones or gravel to make a little path.
Water – You can make them a β€œpond” or fairy pool, by using any shallow receptacle filled with water. But not so deep! This will also attract water fairies.
A Fairy Door – It is said that Fairies will take up residence wherever they see a fairy door. You can buy or make a small door and attach it to a wall or tree stump in your garden, making a fairy door doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be a lot of fun.
Glitter – Pretty , sparkles, and shiny objects attract Fairies – see what you can find to suit their sparkling taste!
Crystals – A crystal such as Rose Quartz, which attracts love into the home, can be placed in their garden to do the same for the fairies.
Shelter – Fairies need shelter from the wind and rain too … this can be anything from a stone toadstool to an up-turned flower pot with a door cut in it. You can use a flat stone for β€œseating”! Lots of ways to make shelters, using twigs and leaves and earthy materials.
Plants – You must, of course, have some plants! Try to keep them small, and even having a fragrant herb, too, such as a miniature lavender will delight the fairies’ keen sense of smell.
Fairy Friends – Fairies love to explore and play – small weatherproof ornaments of frogs, birds or any forest animal will charm them – let your imagination run away with you!
Additional tips & tricks: Fairies love friends, butterflies especially so by adding a small flower garden, or shrub will delight fairies as more butterflies will pass by. Fairies love to feel secure, and protected, so make sure the doorways are easy accessible so that fairies can disappear quickly from praying human eyes. Create mushroom rings, but be careful not to cross the boundary border yourself!