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Light & Dark Balance

dark embraced (1)

I think there needs to be a balance…too much on the “light” and we can become doormats and people sense it and take advantage of us….and we allow it. Too much dark and people fear us and we become withdrawn and take everything sooo serious. Balance the two and wah lah! When we have balance…..we can spread the light and take no sh*t! Don’t fear your dark or worship your light. They are both a part of you….love them and embrace them.

Learn to let them dance together to the music of your soul!

Many blessings,


Be Open to Blessings With Love

Be open

The world has so many gifts and wonderful treats to offer us but we need to be open to receiving them. When we act out of love it gives these gifts a beacon of light to follow to reach us. When we act out of fear we turn that light off and then these gifts will simply find another beacon to light the way. Flip the switch and shine your light!