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Etsy is Making Life Easier!

I’m not sure how long Etsy has made this new amazing digital items listing available…gut I have finally found it and I’m making use of it! I had a few classes that I teach available via PDF on my Etsy Shop but I would email all of the info to the purchaser once payment was received. Now I have been able to make these classes an instant download! The purchaser gets an instant download option as soon as they buy it! So much quicker & easier!

So…for any of you out there that offer classes or learning information…..look into this great idea! And any out there wanting to learn more about Being an Empath, Developing Your Claires or The Chakras….check out the classes I have available & learn the easy way and in your own space at your pace! Here’s the link to one of the classes:

Being An Empath


Phoenix Rising

You can’t create new when you’re still focused on the past…what could have been, what should have been or what shouldn’t have been. When you hold onto the past hurts, mistakes and angers….there is no room for the new adventures & wonders! The Phoenix rose from the ashes when all of the past was burned away and they flew free.

phoenix a

Kats Etsy Shop for Readings & Classes

Check out my Etsy shop for long distance readings via phone or email! There are also a few classes I’ve made available via email….some even include guided meditations!