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Be Open to Blessings With Love

Be open

The world has so many gifts and wonderful treats to offer us but we need to be open to receiving them. When we act out of love it gives these gifts a beacon of light to follow to reach us. When we act out of fear we turn that light off and then these gifts will simply find another beacon to light the way. Flip the switch and shine your light!

Phoenix Rising

You can’t create new when you’re still focused on the past…what could have been, what should have been or what shouldn’t have been. When you hold onto the past hurts, mistakes and angers….there is no room for the new adventures & wonders! The Phoenix rose from the ashes when all of the past was burned away and they flew free.

phoenix a

Smooth Journies

journey 2a

My prayer for all of you that are riding some rough waves right now ❤