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Ostara Blessings



The Goddess discards her cold white gown

and dons a new one of vivid green.

Her hair takes on the yellow of the Sun

and she is a glorious sight to be seen!

Beside her the rabbit sits patient

waiting for the touch of her hand.

The Goddess of fertility, birth & hope

gazes with love upon the land.

Her loves brings forth growth & bloom

with buds and sprouts in many a hue.

The grass begins to grow lucious green

with flowers starting to peek through.

The birds appear and sing with joy

with eggs getting ready to hatch.

There’s new life ready to burst forward

as the Goddess stands on a soft green patch.

With her gown of green swirling and flowing

she starts to dance & twirl around.

The birds and the wind are her music

as her feet barely touch the ground.

Spring has arrived with color & life

and brings new hope to us all.

Close your eyes and open your ears

And you will hear her beautiful call.

Join in her dance of wild passion

and move with her in rhythm & grace.

Lift your gaze to the sky

and feel the sun warm your face.

Ostara blessings to you all

and much magick may you see.

Ostara blessings to you all

and So Mote it Be!




Merry Christmas!

I wish you all the happiest of holidays and send to a gift from my heart….a wish for you and yours that you always have enough and just a little more ❤

Many blessings,



smile accent

It doesn’t matter if your wear the finest of jewelry or none……the hippest of clothing or comfy sweats…..your best accent is your smile 🙂

Here’s an easy to do and easy to use do it yourself divination tool! I’m combining tea leaf reading with crystal ball scrying and topping it off with glitter! Have fun with it!

“A drop of magic & a drop of love
add in some glitter and blessings from
Magic can happen in the blink of an eye
All you have to do is give it a try.
If it’s the past you wish to see,
then this is the task set for thee.
Widdershins thrice you’ll spin the ball
then look upon how the sparkles will fall.
Is it the future that you now seek?
Then this you must do before you peek.
Deosil spins three times around
and in the pictures your answers are



Facing the Fear of Truth in Reflections


Ok…I don’t usually put up wordy posts but every once and awhile a thought or “ah ha” moment strikes me and I think…..there must be others going through or thinking about the same thing and I need to share. So heres my latest thought process/ramble 🙂 So many times I see or hear the referance to how when we see things in other people that anger or bother us, that we are actually seeing a mirror….a reflection of those issues with-in ourselves. That has made me really think and question that. I have had things bother me in others that I honestly don’t see as a trait in myself….yet I knew there was some truth to this all. What was I missing? What I was not seeing clearly? Then I took an example and examined it. It seemed that recently I being presented with people that constantly judged others in a negative way….even people they loved & cared about. I found this bothered me and yet I didn’t see it as a strong trait in myself…yes I am guilty of judging & jumping to conclusions occasionally….I am human…but not to the extreme these others were. So I asked myself what else could it be bringing up? Then it dawned on me! I knew that if these people were coming to me and telling me the judgements they were making on others…then they must be going to others and telling them their judgements of me! Now we’re getting somewhere 🙂 So….as many of you out there have also experienced…..I was grew up with the “you’re not good enough”, “you never get it right” & “you are a dissapointment” so……I have carried this belief through out life and repeatedly lived it by drawing people that would remind me of this. After all……isn’t it easier to continue the habit than to realize & believe that my whole life I lived a lie? If I admitted that I WAS good enough…..then I would have to admit that I lived this lie willingly. So the fear of being judged was forcing me to look at why I would be judged. The fear would make me face the fact that I am, and always have been, GOOD ENOUGH! Now I realize that all the blocks of prosperity, abundance, love & joy have been placed by me and my fear of realizing the lie. If I was successful in all I do then I that would prove that I have lived a lie. Think about the people that are raised in abundance and always told that they deserve the best and they were always given the best with no regrets or guilt. These are the people that are successful with out even thinking about it! They were raised knowing they were good enough so they just expect the best and they live the best with out question or doubt. I don’t know about you…..but this girl is ready to accept that life has so far been a lie and I’m ready to live the truth…..I AM GOOD ENOUGH….and you know what? SO ARE YOU! If others judge me…and you….. for living & doing my best….then its on them & its their perception….it does not make it truth 🙂 Please don’t take this post as a rant about people judging….it was just an example of facing truth and how the mirror may not be reflecting our traits but of our fear of them. This made me realize my fear and how I kept repeating it so I wouldn’t have to face the truth. Now by seeing myself (yes this will still take some work….it didn’t take effect over night….lol) as good enough maybe I won’t find myself surrounded by people that judge others because I won’t need that lesson anymore…and I will welcome good things into my life….and lots of them!!!!

Love you all ❤


My wish for you….

Always enough…If we all had enough, there would be no need for more 🙂

wish you enough

Be Open to Blessings With Love

Be open

The world has so many gifts and wonderful treats to offer us but we need to be open to receiving them. When we act out of love it gives these gifts a beacon of light to follow to reach us. When we act out of fear we turn that light off and then these gifts will simply find another beacon to light the way. Flip the switch and shine your light!

Path Well Lit

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Natures Wisdom

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In This Moment

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