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Well tonight we have our monthly drum circle so it’s a great time to share some thoughts on the benefits of drumming. Many cultures use drumming circles in their ceremonial events and they date way back! The beating of the drum creates a vibration that reaches the beating of the heart. If you get a chance to take notice sometime, feel your heart change the pace of its beat as the beating of the drum changes its pace. A slow and methodical drum beat will slow down the heart beat & a faster more frantic beat will speed up the heart. The energy that a drum circle creates is amazing. The whole group of people in the circle start to mesh as one when the beat is shared. I’ve seen some awesome things come about in a circle of drummers. We start out a bit off beat and out of sync but we slowly start to come together and become the same beat….both in the music and the energy. You can see the others in the group begin to imerse themselves into the vibration. The vibration is also healing on a physical level….aches dissappear or become less uncomfortable, sore & stiff joints feel better and so much more. Theres much more to say about drumming but feeling it for yourself will explain so much more! Listening to drums on the radio or CD is wonderful but to be in the physical presence where you can FEEL the vibrations has some wonderful benefits. If you have never been to a drum circle….find one in your area and go check it out!

Ready to bang on the drums! Kat