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Double Whammy…It’s Manifesting Time!!!

We are in for a treat tomorrow! We have a double decker treat being placed on our tables! Not only is it a New Moon but it’s also 11/11 🙂


The New Moon is the best time for planting our seeds and getting ready for the things we desire to start arriving! It’s time for bringing new things into our lives….what are you ready for? Be careful what you wish for… may receive it faster than you expect…be ready!!!!


The 11-11 is also the master manifesting number! Think carefully because as you think….you begin to create! Your vibration is raising and we are manifesting faster & faster!


Share……..print….fill them out & make them BIG! Are you ready? Let’s make this happen! Feel it…..know it…..see it…live it!!!! ABUNDANCE on the way!!!!!

Many blessings & abundance,