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Stop Hoping!

hope vs faith

I am giving up HOPING! Yes….I will no longer tell a sick friend “I HOPE you feel better”.  I will no longer tell people “I HOPE you have a great day!”. No longer will I HOPE my dreams & wishes come true! Have I given up? NO!

When we HOPE and WISH then we are still leaving a little fraction of doubt in the intention. The definition of HOPE is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. Expectation and desire…..not a definitive knowing. How can we create or manifest anything we have a slight doubt in?

When we have complete FAITH and we KNOW something is happening then we put complete intention into it. If I KNOW my dreams are coming true…isn’t that stronger than I HOPE? There is no doubt so it must happen 🙂 

Let’s stop HOPING for peace….let’s KNOW we have peace. Let’s create it…be it….have complete FAITH that it already exists! Tell people “I KNOW you will have a great day!”. Let your ill friend feel “I KNOW you are feeling better!” and let’s KNOW we are in for some wonderful changes!

It will be hard habit to break but I KNOW I am doing it! Are you going to KNOW or HOPE?

I’m certainly still in favor of carrying HOPE in the background but I am moving FAITH to the front! HOPE and WISH is the seed that starts the thought and FAITH and KNOW is what makes it real and makes it happen! HOPE is taking the leap but FAITH is landing safely on the other side <3. I have taken my leap quite a while ago and I am ready for the landing!

I KNOW you will have many blessings,


‘Nuff Said…..

stop fighting

In This Moment

In this Moment

Find your moment and cherish it. 

Archangels #7 ~Zadkiel


Archangel Zadkiel~

Archangel Zadkiel brings emotional healing, and forgiveness making way for Prosperity in Abundance, and the manifestation of your authentic purpose. He is said to help with healing memory and other mental issues. He is the one to assist students remember the information they need for tests. Hurtful memories that are still affecting you today can be given up to Zadkiel for healing so you can move on successfully and happily.  

Archangel Zadkiel is also the angel of forgiveness & compassion. He reminds us to live life with unconditional kindness, compassion & understanding. He is gentle & loving but he will push you hard to remember your true purpose here in this world at this time!


Zadkiel and a Prayer for Happiness

I call on Zadkiel to be with me now.

Please surround me with your loving mercy.

Help me forgive those who have

hurt me and please ask those whom

I have hurt to forgive me in turn.

When tempted to make a negative choice,

please be with me and point me

in a better direction.

Clear my heart of all pain and suffering and

open it to the joy that life can bring.

Thank you.

Corresponding color: Dark Blue

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli  


The Archangels #6 ~Sandalphon


Archangel Sandalphon ~

Archangel Sandalphon carries your prayers to the Divine (including prayers for increased abundance). Sandalphon also helps people pray, say believers, either by giving them urges to pray, or by helping them concentrate better on their prayers. He also helps to heal people from aggressive tendencies.

It is believed that he was the prophet Elijah before becoming an angel. Since Sandalphon has experience living on earth as a human, they say, one of Sandalphon’s God-given duties is to inspire humanity to take good care of the planet on which we live. 

Archangel Sandalphon also is the Angel of Music and assists with musical pursuits and aspirations. Do you want to make money in the world of music? Sandalphon is the angel to call upon! He is said to be the conductor of the Choir of Angels. He brings the gift of expressing your emotions in a healthy way through music whether it be singing or playing an instrument. 

Sandalphon and a Prayer for Music

I call upon Sandalphon to be with me now.

Archangel of music, please surround me

with your love of sound and beauty of vibration.

Show me how to communicate with others

through the instruments best suited for me.

Expand my mind through

listening to a variety of music.

Soften my heart through

the music of the soul.

Thank you.

Corresponding color: Turquoise

Crystal: Turquoise  

The Archangels #5 ~Raphael


Archangel Raphael~

Archangel Raphael is known mainly for his healing assistance. His name means “God heals” or “God has healed.” If you do any kind of work in the healing arts then Archangel Raphael is your go to angel! If you are in need of healing yourself then call upon Raphael and ask for his aid. He is a very gentle & loving angel with a very strong energy. When you are working with him you may feel a tingling in your hands or a gentle wave rippling through the area you are having discomfort or issue with.

Archangel  Raphael is not only a healer, but he protects travelers of all kinds. Call on Raphael when you want to feel safe and protected while traveling. Ask that your journey from beginning to end be experienced with ease and protection.

You can also call upon Raphael when in need of abundance as his healing can help remove the negative thoughts or attachments you may have to the aspect of abundance.

Raphael and a Prayer for Abundance

I call on Raphael to be with me now.

Please surround me with your healing

kindness and clear my heart of any negativity.

Heal me of all darkness and

open me up to your love and light.

Please help me find my true path and

the road to abundance.

Let all good things flow through my life and

let me share what I have with others.

Thank you.


Corresponding color: Green

Crystal: Malachite or Emerald

The Archangels #4 ~Michael


Archangel Michael~

Michael is the Archangel of Protection. Brings courage, strength, and clears negative energy so you can move forward in manifesting your dreams. Are you looking to move into a phase of life but feel fear? Maybe a new job or a new location? Call on Archangel Michael to give you the courage you need.

Archangel Michael is considered the leader of the archangels. His name means “he who is like God,” and he is the archangel of protection and the patron saint of policemen. He carries a sword that symbolizes his ability to cut through all fear and resistance. He lends his courage and his strength to anyone who calls on him. Michael has a fiery energy, and when you invoke him it’s very possible you might feel warm or even begin to sweat. If you tap into your clairvoyance, you might see the colors purple and blue, which are associated with Archangel Michael’s presence. Call on Archangel Michael, and he will help you with protection of all kinds. He will empower you with the courage you need for any situation.

Michael and a Prayer for Protection

I call on Michael to be with me now.

Blessed Angel, please surround me

with your loving goodness and

fill my heart with the strength

I need to make my life work.

Please protect me from all negativity and

shine a light on the path I need to follow.

If I falter, please lift me up, and help

me see the life I should be living.

Thank you.

Corresponding color:  Blue Violet (cobalt)

Crystal: Sugilite 

The Archangels #2 ~Chamuel

maxresdefault (3)

Archangel Chamuel~

Chamuel will assists in boosting confidence, building career success, and finding lost objects (including money). He will help to clear confusion which may be blocking the flow of prosperity into your light.

Also, Chamuel (or Camuel) is often considered the Archangel of love. He can help with any matters of the heart. If you fear that you are not loveable or have too many flaws, this angel can teach you about unconditional love for yourself and others. Build your confidence & love yourself….perfect combo for being ready to start a new relationship! He’s a pro at clearing out negative emotions too. Whether you are seeking a new lover or want to improve your current relationship, call on Chamuel to assist. This will apply to romantic relationships, family or friends too! 

Chamuel and a Prayer for Love

I call on Chamuel to be with me now.

Please fill my heart with love

for all those around me,

and for all those I’ve yet to meet.

Let me appreciate the tender hearts

within us all and open my own in the process.

Let love flow through me

like the blood in my veins,

making life joyous and a true celebration.

Thank you.

Coordinating color: Pale Green

Crystal: Green Flourite 



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Meditation Made Easy



Meditation Techniques

1. Breathing:

Our everyday breathing is quite shallow and usually only partially fills our lungs. When we are beginning a meditation, we need to adjust our breathing to completely fill not only our lungs but also our stomach. Take a normal breath….feel where the airs goes and pay attention to how much air you pull in and how much you exhale. Now….take a deep breath….pulling in as much air as you possibly can….expanding both your lungs & stomach. This is how much air your lungs hold (plus some) and when you only take in a small amount and exhale a small amount….think about how much stale & used air is remaining in your lungs. Think about how little exercise your lungs are really getting each day. So… start your meditation practice, breathing deeper & fuller will not only help you de-stress but will also help build up the strength of your lungs & stomach. This will keep you healthier and breathing stronger for much longer!

Get comfortable…sitting or laying down….close your eyes…..

Take a slow deep breath in…..fill the lungs & belly as much as you can…..tell yourself, in your mind, IN IN IN……..

Now slowly exhale as much air as possible…..contracting both the lungs & belly….telling yourself, OUT OUT OUT…….. repeat this several times…………

YOU HAVE JUST MEDITATED!  You were focused on yourself and on the moment….not worried or thinking about the outside…even if just for a few moments 🙂

2. Muscle relaxation:

Another important part of meditation is relaxation of the muscles. One of the easiest ways to practice this is to tighten and then relax one area at a time….hands, arms, shoulders, back, belly, buttocks (yes I said buttocks…get the giggles out now….lol), thighs, knees, calves, ankles & feet.

Start with the basics when you are first beginning to learn and then you can add the detailed areas as you go.

Here’s an example to start: Get comfy, close your eyes… 3 breaths as listed in the breathing above…..

Now clench your hands tight….hold for 1…..2…..3……

Now slowly release and pay attention to letting those hands relax…melt….just hang there……

Now the shoulders…….scrunch them up tight to your ears…hold for 1…..2….3… slowwly let them drop until they droop down….just hanging and relaxed…

Now the thighs……tighten them up….hold for 1….2…..3……ok….now relax them slowly and let them melt into the chair or floor….

Now the calves……tighten them up…hold for 1……2…….3…….ok…now relax them slowly and let them melt into the chair or floor….

Now the feet…..tighten them up, scrunch the toes, arch the foot…whatever you need to do to tighten them up…..hold for 1……2…….3…….now slowly let them relax….feel them hang there all limp like jello.

Take another 3 slow deep breaths in & out as you began…….now slowly wiggle your fingers and toes…..when you’re ready….open your eyes and smile as you enter back into the room 🙂

3. Body Scan:

This one is my favorite and I think it’s the easiest to get your focus trained. It also has the added benefit of getting to know your body and how it feels…to be more aware of when things are out of whack & in need of attention. This one also helps to grow your intuition as you will be working with your 3rd eye….or your imagination 😉 You will be focusing on the different parts of the body and using your mind’s eye to see inside….yes, inside as in bones, tendons, blood vessels, etc and how amazing the body is and what it does for us everyday.

So….let’s get started!

Get comfy (laying down preferred but can be done sitting)…..close your eyes…. Take a slow deep breath…..filling the chest & belly…..slowly exhale, contracting the chest & belly……again…..deep breath in…….exhale….one last deep breath……slow exhale…….

Now….with your mind’s eye….take your focus to your hands…..with that wonderful minds eye…see inside the hand…all the tiny bones in the hand and the little bones that are in the fingers….see the joints and how they move….bend the fingers a little and see how the joints work… in awe at how much they do this all day…..take notice to if either hand feels stiff or achy…if any finger doesn’t move as easy…or are both feeling good? Acknowledge this feeling and put it aside. …thank your hands for all they do. take a breath…..

Now turn your focus to your shoulders……use your mind’s eye, your imagination, to see the inside of the shoulders…the joints & the bones…..see how they move….circle your shoulders just a bit….take notice to any stiffness or discomfort…..think about how much they move in a day….how much stress they hold……acknowledge any discomfort and then put the thought aside…thank the shoulders for all they do. take a breath…..

Now turn your attention to your knees…..with your mind’s eye see the joint..the cap…see how work together….bending up & down, move them a bit so you can see how they move……think about how much they move in a day…pay attention and take note to how they feel….is one stiffer than the other? Do they both move the same? Acknowledge any discomfort and then put the thought aside…thank them for all they do. take a breath….

Now turn your focus to your feet……with your mind’s eye again…..see how the ankle bones & joints move and twist…..see all the teeny tiny bones running across the top of the feet…..see the short little bones & tiny joints in the toes….turn your ankles a bit….wiggle your toes a bit…see how they move…feel any difference between the two…take notice to any discomfort…..acknowledge that and put the thought aside…..thank your feet for carrying you and for all they do in the day.

Now take a deep breath in….1……2……3……slowly exhale…..again…in……1….2….3…..slowly exhale… last deep breath in….1…….2…….3………..slowly exhale……..move your fingers & toes…..and when you’re ready….open your eyes and with a smile come back into the room 🙂

Welcome back!



Take just a few minutes out of your day and try it! Feel the difference 🙂