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The Children

SB vs HC

Please excuse the video quality…I’m working with a new app to record. The sound (which is the important part here) quality is good but the video freezes up now and then…just keep listening! This is important so PLEASE PLEASE listen and then SHARE!

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I’d like to share and invite you all to join us in bringing our voices/words/thoughts together in a place where we can bring attention to events, situations and causes that need to be heard! Along with important issues we also share lots of music and laughs to keep it light. Share your blogs here!

This site is intended for mature audiences – especially the the parts that are immature … NOT recommended for youngins under the age of 18.

***** OUR MISSION ***** The Mission of ThePublicWeb.Org

(.Us) is to flourish as a dynamic theatre of redemption a FREE place where social, cultural and spiritual critique lives & breathes through ARTISTIC PASSION and JOURNALISTIC TOIL … where WORD, PICTURE and SOUND come together
to further examine our human condition, our personal commitments and our necessary obligation to fulfill the social contract.

A digital Woodstock
… speaking truth to power … but also truth to the masses
… and truth to our personal souls.

This is an OPEN BLOG … open to ANY BLOGGERS & COMMENTARY FROM ALL – Any Content Is Fair Game if it is with within Facebook Rules. This a place to be heard and to listen!

We will Discuss – Debate – Speak Truth to Power – please KEEP BULLYING and/or HATE SPEECH of THE PREMISES. NO OBSCENITY … If you are over 13 years of age – you know what that means .. so please be respectful. OTHERWISE – GO NUTS !!!!!

WE DO NOT MODERATE nor do we CENSOR except for violation of FACEBOOK’S TERMS of SERVICE.

Survivor or Just Surviving?


As humans, we all have that innate instinct to survive. There is a difference, however, to being a survivor or just surviving…or barely surviving as I hear so many say. 

When we hit bottom, or even just a low point, the survivor instinct will kick in but what you do with that is a choice. The survivor will choose to not only fight but also to see it as a lesson to learn, a way to grow, a challenge, an opportunity for better and they will smile through it. They will have gratitude for what good is still around them and they will find that good as scarce as it may be! They will also know without a shadow of a doubt that this is only temporary.

Those that choose to just survive are the ones that scrape by…barely…and see each day as a burden and they are miserable and stay in the mindset that nothing will change and they are doomed to struggle over and over. They tell themselves constantly “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t make it, I’ll never survive this” and yet they do and nothing changes. They usually fail to see the blessings that are still there around them. 

So you have a choice to be a survivor or to just survive. If just surviving works for you then stick with it….if not then it’s never too late to start becoming a survivor! Life has many battles….learn & grow or be stagnant….

I am a survivor, I am a warrior


Inspiration & Support Hub

There is so much negativity & drama out in the world…we see it everyday! Sometimes it’s nice to have a place to go where we can feel inspired with positive thoughts and warm people who genuinely care! Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad situation and don’t know where to turn for support, help & guidance. I’ve put together a website that gives you all of that in one place! If you’re looking for a chuckle, a pick me up, some support groups…go visit the site! If you have a site or group that offers any of this and would like to be included on the connections page, please let me know! I don’t ask for anything in return for being included….just spread the word. The more positive things we can share the better! Here is the page:

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I have put together a facebook group for inspiration posts. There is no negativity, drama or advertising…just smiles & wisdom from some great people…feel free to browse around it first as it is a public group. Join us if you want and start sharing your inspiration or just finding some for yourself! Here is the group:

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Many blessings & may you find inspiration in everyday!



If you’re on facebook and you’re looking for a place to be heard and a place to hear others opinions on topics many are are afraid to bring up….addictions, bullying, right to die and much more…..then Welcome to RealTalk1! This is an OPEN BLOG … open to ANY BLOGGERS and any Content (within Facebook Rules) Allowed. This a place to be heard and to listen! We will discuss and debate but DO NOT bring hate into the forum! We also share laughs, ups & downs, the good, the bad & the ugly! You can also share your blogs there and we love music too!

Come check us out….there is adult content (language & subject) and its not always pretty so if you are easily offended… might want to put the rose colored glasses on first! Nah…be brave and come visit!

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