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Past Lives & Now


This is not a fact finding or “must be” writing….just my opinion through my own experiences. This topic has many different opinions and I suggest finding what resonates with you and going with that.

For the longest time I wondered what the purpose of knowing our past lives would be or if they even existed. I heard many stories and honestly….some sounded so far fetched it put me off believing it. Then I started becoming more involved in the spiritual community and really listening to other people’s stories and experiences. From doing psychic medium readings I knew there was life on the other side but hadn’t really experienced any returned souls yet. Then it happened….a mother who had lost a child in a premature birth came to me for a reading about a different topic. To make a long story short….it came out in the reading that her lost child had returned when she had another child a few years later. A bit different from the past life stories I was interested in but it was only a start.

The next thing that really peaked my interest and started me thinking about how past lives affect us now came from a past life regression I did myself. It was a group regression and we got a short look at a couple different past lives. I noticed a pattern in a few of mine and this pattern really explained one my few fears….being alone. It really explained why I had the fear and yet…in the back of head I was still doubting a bit. Was it just an overactive imagination? My subconscious trying to find answers or make excuses? A friend then shared her past life regression (from another time) with me and she had a similar experience with a phobia being explained by a previous death. She had an extreme fear of snakes…beyond the “ewwww” factor. In her past life regression she found herself as a horse rancher and there was a commotion in the paddock. The horses were getting worked up over something. She went in to check on them and the was a rattlesnake in there. She didn’t get bit but a horse reared up and when it came down it landed on her chest and crushed her. She also has breathing problems now….hhhmmm. Again I wasn’t sure if it was her subconscious but either way she had found her fear of snakes eased up some once she knew where it came from. Now I started thinking there was really a purpose to this. I decided to experiment with doing some past life readings….this is where I got my BAM moments! These were readings and not regressions.

They just seemed to flow and I was doing them for people I knew nothing about…complete strangers. I asked them nothing, just to provide a picture of the face & eyes if done via phone or email. I started to see it happen over and over! The past lives brought up reasons for current fears & phobias!  Past deaths or tragic experiences reflected their very deep fears they felt now. One example was a woman that fell off a cliff and into the water where she passed from drowning and in this life it turned out she had a extreme fear of water & a complete panic if her face went under. Another was a woman that in her past life she started to lose her vision and get severe headaches & dizziness, became bedridden and passed from a brain tumor. In this life….mind you I had no clue….she had this deep fear that she would have an aneurysm or brain tumor! There have been many more similar stories.

I’m not talking about this to pat myself on the back for the readings but to bring up the impact that knowing something about our past lives can help us understand & heal the fears we have now. If we know where they may be coming from then we can start to let them go. There is a definite healing aspect in the connection to our past experiences. It also reflects some our loves & passions for what we do now. Why we’re drawn to art, music, dance, healing or books. We’ve done this before! We are remembering!

Then there’s the other aspect of the readers that give this a bad name and make it a joke. This irks me to no end! I hear many times about how people were told their past life was an Egyptian princess or some other high up royalty. Is it possible? Sure…but come on….how many royalty were out there compared to commoners? What are the odds? Some readers will just stroke the ego of the client and tell them they were some really important  person because it’s what they wanted to hear. Where is that helping the client? I have never found this to be the case yet….maybe shamanic healers or wise elders but never a princess or king! I firmly believe that if we are going to look into a past life then it is for a reason…to learn, to grow & to heal. There is so much we can learn from where we have been 🙂

Much love & blessings,


Energy Communication

Energy Communicating

We communicate with each other in many obvious ways…..verbal, body language, written & much more. We tend to forget about some of the more “unseen & unheard” ways. The energy you put out also communicates with others. Just thinking positive or negative thoughts will affect others around you just as you are affected by those in your surroundings.

If you are empathic you are even more open to this way of communication. This can be a wonderful thing if you have control of it but on the other hand it can be confusing and overwhelming if you don’t understand it or even know what it means. For somebody that is empathically open, they can walk into a room feeling quite happy & joyful and then in a few moments then can be feeling angry, depressed or some other emotion. If they aren’t understanding that they are “hearing & feeling” somebody elses thoughts & emotions then they mistake them for their own and bam! How many times has this been mistaken for Bi-Polar or some other label?

Keep this in mind when you’re carrying negative thoughts also….there maybe others that are “hearing” you and being effected. Keeping your thoughts positive and upbeat is not only good for yourself but also for those around you.

These energy communications can be even stronger with those that are close to you….family, good friends, partners,etc. You create energy cords between you and your energy…be it positive or negative….will flow through those cords. Have you ever felt as though your partner is not really listening to you even though they can repeat the words you have said? Do you get a cold feeling with some people and a warm feeling with others? Have you ever felt really intimate with someone and feel that you know exactly what they are feeling or what they are going to say? The energy is always flowing out around you……..

Keep those cords positive…when possible, remove ones that become negative or stagnant!

Also learn to acknowledge the difference between negative & positive emotions & feelings that others send out and learn to not fear them, not be controlled by them and to feel compassion for them. Here is a guided meditation to help focus on this…..


Ostara Blessings



The Goddess discards her cold white gown

and dons a new one of vivid green.

Her hair takes on the yellow of the Sun

and she is a glorious sight to be seen!

Beside her the rabbit sits patient

waiting for the touch of her hand.

The Goddess of fertility, birth & hope

gazes with love upon the land.

Her loves brings forth growth & bloom

with buds and sprouts in many a hue.

The grass begins to grow lucious green

with flowers starting to peek through.

The birds appear and sing with joy

with eggs getting ready to hatch.

There’s new life ready to burst forward

as the Goddess stands on a soft green patch.

With her gown of green swirling and flowing

she starts to dance & twirl around.

The birds and the wind are her music

as her feet barely touch the ground.

Spring has arrived with color & life

and brings new hope to us all.

Close your eyes and open your ears

And you will hear her beautiful call.

Join in her dance of wild passion

and move with her in rhythm & grace.

Lift your gaze to the sky

and feel the sun warm your face.

Ostara blessings to you all

and much magick may you see.

Ostara blessings to you all

and So Mote it Be!




Cinnamon-Did You Know?

Great info 😉

Len's Oils

Cinnamon BarkDid you know cinnamon is the oil of sexual harmony and greatly supports the reproductive system and aids with sexual issues. It helps people to embrace their body, and accepting their physical attractiveness. Cinnamon encourages the growth of strong relationships based on mutual love, and respect.

Cinnamon, which is actually the dried bark of the laurel tree a large tropical evergreen tree can grow up to 45 feet tall. Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years. This powerful spice was used in Egypt, Rome, and China. Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. The “real” cinnamon of old comes from the Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree.

Historically, cinnamon is even mentioned in the Bible. Moses used it as an ingredient for his anointing oils. In ancient Rome, it was burned during funerals, as a way to remove some of the odor of dead bodies. The ancient Egyptians used it in embalming mummies…

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Next To Each Other

Don’t Ever!


Never apologize for evolving! Never apologize for growing! 

Never judge others for not being where you are…..they are evolving at their own pace. They are growing as much as they are ready for. 


Open Your Eyes!

Look around you….really look and see from your soul. Start with the mirror ❤

Love & many blessings,