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Edible landscaping can yield color, wildlife habitat, food

Fit for Life

Gardening-Edible Landscaping In this Oct. 18, 2012 photo, a blueberry shrub serves an edible as well as ornamental function, in Langley, Wash. Blueberries are an easy-to-grow alternative to turf in problem areas like around trees, slopes and pathways. (Dean Fosdick via AP)

By Dean Fosdick, Associated Press

Why bother mowing thirsty lawns when you can grow edibles? Replace those sorry-looking patches of grass around trees, pathways and slopes with mint, thyme, strawberries, and a host of attractive and practical fruits, vegetables and herbs.

“Turf is sort of the lowest common denominator in ground covers,” said Weston Miller, a horticulturist with the Oregon State University Extension Service in Portland. “It takes more work, specialized timing and tools. The advantage with edibles is that they provide more (wildlife) habitat and they also look good.”

Gardening-Edible Landscaping This May 28, 2012 photo shows second year strawberries thriving in an area of partial shade on a private residence…

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Anti-anxiety Nutrients

Depression often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety. Many people ask me about what they can do to help with stress, anxiety, or panic attacks. Here are a few nutrients I recommend.

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World Peace & Healing Meditation


Every Tuesday 6-7pm
Join me as I take us through a beautiful & powerful guided meditation where we can combine our energy to send out peace & love to all of the elements & living creatures of the world. Together our vibrations can create a change and the change begins with you! After the meditation we will have an intention circle where we can send blessings, prayers and intentions to ourselves or loved ones. We all have the ability to manifest as individuals but think what we can do as a group!

For those that would like to join but can’t be with us at the center then here is the meditation we will be doing and you can follow along at home! We’ll start around 6:10pm EST so join us in spirit!

You can find the guided meditation to follow along with by clicking on the picture above. It will take you to the facebook event and in the description you will find the Youtube video link. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference!

Much love & many blessings,


37 Life Changing Inspirational Life Quotes

The Children

SB vs HC

Please excuse the video quality…I’m working with a new app to record. The sound (which is the important part here) quality is good but the video freezes up now and then…just keep listening! This is important so PLEASE PLEASE listen and then SHARE!

Here’s a link to the site where you can see the numbers for your own state:

Year of the Fire Monkey

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I’d like to share and invite you all to join us in bringing our voices/words/thoughts together in a place where we can bring attention to events, situations and causes that need to be heard! Along with important issues we also share lots of music and laughs to keep it light. Share your blogs here!

This site is intended for mature audiences – especially the the parts that are immature … NOT recommended for youngins under the age of 18.

***** OUR MISSION ***** The Mission of ThePublicWeb.Org

(.Us) is to flourish as a dynamic theatre of redemption a FREE place where social, cultural and spiritual critique lives & breathes through ARTISTIC PASSION and JOURNALISTIC TOIL … where WORD, PICTURE and SOUND come together
to further examine our human condition, our personal commitments and our necessary obligation to fulfill the social contract.

A digital Woodstock
… speaking truth to power … but also truth to the masses
… and truth to our personal souls.

This is an OPEN BLOG … open to ANY BLOGGERS & COMMENTARY FROM ALL – Any Content Is Fair Game if it is with within Facebook Rules. This a place to be heard and to listen!

We will Discuss – Debate – Speak Truth to Power – please KEEP BULLYING and/or HATE SPEECH of THE PREMISES. NO OBSCENITY … If you are over 13 years of age – you know what that means .. so please be respectful. OTHERWISE – GO NUTS !!!!!

WE DO NOT MODERATE nor do we CENSOR except for violation of FACEBOOK’S TERMS of SERVICE.

Sage-Did You Know

Len's Oils

SageDid you know sage is the oil of purification? Sage is known for its ability to cleanse energy, and spaces. It also purifies the body, and opens spiritual channels. Sage is a powerful energy cleansing oil. It can send away unwanted or hard to endure energies, and restore harmony, and balance. It plays a role in helping people who have experienced any form of abuse, also feeling a disconnect from their physical body.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) has a herbaceous spicy aroma. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used the leaves of both species as compresses for the treatment of wounds. The oldest reference is a depiction of Salvia fruticosa on a fresco in Crete, which has been dated at about 1400 BC. The name salvia in fact comes from the latin, salvere, meaning to heal. It has been identified for its ability to strengthen the senses, and vital centers of the…

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