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Happy Thanksgiving!


May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! Let us remember that we have something to be thankful for everyday….not just today 🙂 Let us not forget what the meaning of gratitude is ❤

Blessings abound,


Unite in LOVE

Wildflower Women

Each day we awaken to the beauty of life, if we so choose to see it.   These days it would seem there is a fairly large dose of FEAR in the world, and even some seeping into my own heart. At the moment the world’s fear is of terrorists, and unfortunately that has grown into fear of any thing different than self. Fear is creating divisive beliefs amongst us humans, and in my mind that is granting the terrorists their very wish. When we become divisive we start to turn away from one and other, we forget to love.

This fear mongering is occurring everywhere in mainstream media, and with our politicians some of who in America are suggesting we start documenting certain religious groups by implementing a registration of sorts. This harkens directly back to WWII when certain groups of people were required to register, some were relocated, etc…

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Light Cells


I’m sure this may not sit well with all but it is just my perspective and my thoughts. There is so much going on in our world causing fear and concern right now. I am choosing to see this as a shift towards a better way.

The terrorists and bullies out there have no idea what an amazingly wonderful thing they are creating….not their intention but what they don’t know WILL hurt them! When 9-11 happened the US came together in unity and stood strong….but it wasn’t enough. Now, as the the terrorism expands the rest of the world is coming together and standing strong. We are beginning to see more and more groups doing meditations & gatherings for peace coming together across the miles. Combining thoughts and intentions we are so much stronger. We stood together as a country….now we stand together as a world. The terrorists may have their “cells” scattered here and there but WE have LIGHT CELLS everywhere and they are growing! I visualize strings of light going from one person to another….reaching out across the states, across the countries, combining and weaving until we have a web or a net of light covering the whole world and enveloping it in light & peace. The more chaos these hateful groups create….the stronger they are making our LIGHT CELLS! For this I thank them….we are growing stronger and they will be blinded by us.

Much peace & love to you all……together we can make a change and we will!



Double Whammy…It’s Manifesting Time!!!

We are in for a treat tomorrow! We have a double decker treat being placed on our tables! Not only is it a New Moon but it’s also 11/11 🙂


The New Moon is the best time for planting our seeds and getting ready for the things we desire to start arriving! It’s time for bringing new things into our lives….what are you ready for? Be careful what you wish for… may receive it faster than you expect…be ready!!!!


The 11-11 is also the master manifesting number! Think carefully because as you think….you begin to create! Your vibration is raising and we are manifesting faster & faster!


Share……..print….fill them out & make them BIG! Are you ready? Let’s make this happen! Feel it…..know it…..see it…live it!!!! ABUNDANCE on the way!!!!!

Many blessings & abundance,


Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

In practising Reiki and learning about the Chakras, I have found so much more importance to having the Chakras balanced than I realized! Our Chakras have a profound affect on our physical & emotional well being. I teach a class on the Chakras that includes not only the placement, colors and such but also the corresponding element, right, emotion and more. I couldn’t find a guided meditation that incorporated it all so I created my own! If you are working on your Chakras, enjoy meditating & the beach…..sit back and relax, enjoy & balance!

Energy Communication


Energy Communicating

We communicate with each other in many obvious ways…..verbal, body language, written & much more. We tend to forget about some of the more “unseen & unheard” ways. The energy you put out also communicates with others. Just thinking positive or negative thoughts will affect others around you just as you are affected by those in your surroundings.

If you are empathic you are even more open to this way of communication. This can be a wonderful thing if you have control of it but on the other hand it can be confusing and overwhelming if you don’t understand it or even know what it means. For somebody that is empathically open, they can walk into a room feeling quite happy & joyful and then in a few moments then can be feeling angry, depressed or some other emotion. If they aren’t understanding that they are “hearing & feeling” somebody elses thoughts & emotions then they mistake them for their own and bam! How many times has this been mistaken for Bi-Polar or some other label?

Keep this in mind when you’re carrying negative thoughts also….there maybe others that are “hearing” you and being effected. Keeping your thoughts positive and upbeat is not only good for yourself but also for those around you.

These energy communications can be even stronger with those that are close to you….family, good friends, partners,etc. You create energy cords between you and your energy…be it positive or negative….will flow through those cords. Have you ever felt as though your partner is not really listening to you even though they can repeat the words you have said? Do you get a cold feeling with some people and a warm feeling with others? Have you ever felt really intimate with someone and feel that you know exactly what they are feeling or what they are going to say?

The energy is always flowing out around you…….. Keep those cords positive…when possible, remove ones that become negative or stagnant!