Reiki & Stress

Reiki has been getting more attention in the mainstream lately…yay! We see many hospitals utilizing it in surgery & cancer wards now. I’m thrilled to see it getting recognized more & more for the benefits it can provide. I do feel though, that it’s being overlooked and forgotten for one on the biggest issues that many, if not all, of us deal with. STRESS! Everyday and in many ways stress shows its ugly face. Work, bills, family, friends and so many other things contribute to it. Most of us also know that continued stress leads to so many more issues….minor & major. We think to treat other health issues….many of us even seek out Reiki when dealing with these issues. But how about the stress everyday? If more corporations and businesses would offer even mini Reiki sessions to it’s employees, we would see an decrease in stress & in increase in productivity. With less stress we would see less sick days needed, less medical visits needed and a more relaxed atmosphere all around the workplace. If more people would treat themselves to an occasional Reiki session or learn it themselves, they would have a more relaxed home space as well. Massage is used quite a bit for relaxation and a good massage works great to relax the body. However, after a good massage session you usually feel so relaxed that your body feels like jello and you’re even feeling sleepy and you really have no energy. The stress is removed but its not replaced with anything. With Reiki you get the same relaxation in the body & mind but yet you have an energized feeling. The stress leaves but energy replaces that space. Relaxed & energized! Isn’t that what we all need? Less stress = less health issues……more energy = more productivity! Bring on the Reiki!!!!!!!




About lorrainekat

I am the owner of The Enlightened Path Holistic Center, Reiki Master Teacher & Psychic Medium. I love learning, sharing & teaching inspirational ideas & thoughts. Alone we can accomplish so much but together we can light the world!

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