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The Knot Prayer

My wish for you….

Always enough…If we all had enough, there would be no need for more 🙂

wish you enough

The path of Ascension

Maria Wind Talker


Ascension…what images does this word conjure up for you?  What sensations?

The word implies a higher elevation, a raising up of something or as the dictionary states: ascension  1. the act of ascending 2. (Astronomy) Astronomy the rising of a star above the horizon ascensional  adj


 So many seek to achieve Ascension from outside of themselves, from God, Buddha, the Angels, Star Nations or Ancestors. However, true Ascension comes from going deep within to the deepest darkest places of self at our underlying fears and staring them directly in the eye.


”Once you confront your fears, the only thing left to fear is fear itself. – Jim Morrisson


In affect ascension only truly starts once you begin the journey into self, the further down you burrow, the more light you draw into the dark and nothing can hide, hinder or harm you once brought forth into the light of your awareness.


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The “Inbetween” (For Readers & Clients)


The in-between
This is for both readers & receivers. I just wanted to share a perspective on the parts of readings that can get forgotten. So many times the receiver can get so focused on the outcome that they can miss the lessons or the steps needed “in between”. As readers we should remember to keep in mind that our clients can take our information quite seriously so we need to be responsible how we present it. Too often I have had clients come to me for a reading and they’re frustrated because they had a reading prior and nothing has happened. Sometimes they blame the reader….sometimes they blame the Universe….(they don’t usually see their own part in it) either way they are frustrated & stuck.
Heres a couple of examples:
First one (career):
Client: I was told about 6 months ago in a reading that I should be working with kids but I still haven’t found that job and I need to be working! Why haven’t I found that job?
Me: Working with kids does seem to be the perfect fit for you. How many jobs have you applied for?
Client: Well only a couple….there aren’t many kid related jobs available.
Me: You haven’t applied for other jobs also?
Client: Well no…..I was told it should be with kids.
Me: (with a confused look on my face) But suppose you applied for another job, say for example Home Depot, and while at that job you meet somebody & strike up a conversation and find out that they are looking for somebody to work at their daycare? You would have been earning some money, feeling productive and were in the place you were meant to be in to meet this person and then find the job working with kids.

Second one (romance)
Client: I so tired of being alone….I’m never going to meet my soul mate!
Me: So what are you looking for or expecting?
Client: Well…I was told in a reading a year ago that I would meet my mate and they would make me so happy. They’re supposed to have blonde hair, be tall and the name was going to start with a “B”. I haven’t met anybody like that yet! When will I?
Me: How many people have you dated since?
Client: (with sad face) None
Me: Have you had opportunities?
Client: Kinda….friends wanted to hook me a few times & I had a couple interested but none fit that description.
Me: (wanting to do a V* slap but holding it back) OK….do you think that there’s a possibility that you were supposed to spend some time with one of these other people….wether that be to learn a lesson, teach them a lesson, gain something you needed or given them something that they needed? Or…maybe you would have met the person you were meant to be with through them?

Sometimes by skipping over or ignoring the “in-between” we change the outcome of what was supposed to be and we miss out on the experiences we were meant to have. As readers we should always remind clients of this and as clients we should always keep this in mind. Don’t be so focused on the outcome that you forget the “in-between”. Many blessings to you all!

Be Open to Blessings With Love

Be open

The world has so many gifts and wonderful treats to offer us but we need to be open to receiving them. When we act out of love it gives these gifts a beacon of light to follow to reach us. When we act out of fear we turn that light off and then these gifts will simply find another beacon to light the way. Flip the switch and shine your light!

Awakening to the Ways of Old

dragon witch a

Path Well Lit

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One Lovely Blog Award


This  blog  has been blessed by being nominated for this special award by Maria Wind Talker – a wonderful blog where you can always find insight, inspiration,  warmth and welcome. I am so grateful to have been thought of for this award and that the blogs I share have been recognised in this way, many thanks.

Now to the rules of this event:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2. Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.

3. Share 7 facts or things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire,  and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog

Now one and two have been completed, here’s number 3:

1.  I started my journey in England and the was moved to the States at age 7 .

2. I have 3 wonderful children i’m quite proud of & 4, soon to be 5, grandchildren.

3. I have my Master degree in Reiki.

4. I own  a holistic center where we provide so many wonderful services & gifts.

5. I currently have 2 pets….an adorable black kitty named Onyx & a beautiful cornsnake named Carnelian.

6. I also love to share my intuitive gifts to provide guidance & direction.

7. I am completely addicted to coffee…..I live on it 🙂

Now number 4… nominate some beautiful blogs for this award:

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