The Wonderful You!


A recent challenge that has been making its way around facebook finally made it to me… and as I accepted the challenge it made me think. The challenge was to state 3 positive things about yourself each day for 7 days! Wow…..coming up with 21 good things about me???? How could I find that many? V-8 slap…..really? Why would that be so hard? It’s so easy to see the great and wonderful things in other people. Why is so hard to see them in ourselves? Is it because we don’t want to seem vain or conceited? Or do we truely not see our own value? Then as I passed the challenge along to two lovely ladies that I would have no problem stating the many positive things about them….their reaction was the same as mine….UGH! How can I???? But they took the challenge so let’s see what they come with….lets see what I come up with!

I challenge ALL of you….maybe not 21 things….but make a list of atleast 10 (more if you can!) wonderful things about you or your life! Add one thing in comments! I believe that writing (or typing) it makes it more concrete and more believable to you. I even made it easier by adding your life in there! YOU are wonderful! YOU are beautiful! YOU are kind and compassionate! YOU are gifted! YOU are blessed!

One of my favorite sayings really fits here: “There is none better than me, and I am better than none”. WE are all amazing & wonderful spirits learning & growing every day!



About lorrainekat

I am the owner of The Enlightened Path Holistic Center, Reiki Master Teacher & Psychic Medium. I love learning, sharing & teaching inspirational ideas & thoughts. Alone we can accomplish so much but together we can light the world!

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  1. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~Dr. Seuss

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