How Will Your Day Be?

good_morning coffee

So whats the plan? How is your day going to go? Are you ready & set for a wonderful day or are you prepared for a miserable day? Have you decided already?

If your first thought upon waking is “ugh, this is going to be a day from hell” or “gggrrrrr……its going to be such a busy day and I’m going to exhausted” then that exactly what you’ll get! Wouldn’t it be better to wake up, stretch, smile and say “I’m alive and breathing and its going to be a wonderful day!” or “It’s going to such a busy day and I’ll be so productive and then when I’m done, still have plenty of energy to enjoy the evening”. If we create what we think….and I’m a firm believer in that….then we can create the day with our first thoughts….or our last thoughts before falling asleep the night before. Even if you don’t believe in manifesting….you have to take into consideration that your thoughts still set a mood or mind set and it carries into your day. How many times have you had a bad morning….maybe you stubbed your toe getting up then spilled your coffee all over, ran out of hot water for your shower then were late to work….and the day seemed bad all through it? Or on the opposite side you had a great morning…and the day seemed to flow smooth? Thats not to say life doesn’t throw a curve in there sometimes…yes, things can still go wrong…..but think about how you start your day. Why not give it every chance possible of being the best day you’ve ever had!?

Good morning,


About lorrainekat

I am the owner of The Enlightened Path Holistic Center, Reiki Master Teacher & Psychic Medium. I love learning, sharing & teaching inspirational ideas & thoughts. Alone we can accomplish so much but together we can light the world!

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  1. Hahahaha, I am thankful NOT to have stubbed my toe, and yes, there are a few negatives floating around that COULD have led me along the path of a depressing day, but, I refused them, and went for the more enriching feel of going with the Positives! Thank you for sharing!

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