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Nothing, Something, IT!


I asked the Universe, nothing happened

I did my affirmations, nothing happened

I yelled it out, nothing happened

I cried and asked why, nothing happened

Then I heard a voice in my head “remember:

When you asked, that car that swerved, something happened

When you did affirmations, the new friend you made, something happened

When you yelled out, that extra check came in, something happened

When you cried, your electric stayed on during the storm, something happened

I silently said Thank You,

I lifted my head and spoke out loud Thank you

I raised my arms and yelled out Thank you

I smiled, my heart melted & my shoulders dropped

Then IT just happened, 

I didn’t ask, IT just happened

I didn’t need the affirmations, IT just happened

I didn’t yell, IT just happened

I didn’t cry or ask why, IT just happened

Thank you 






The Wonderful You!


A recent challenge that has been making its way around facebook finally made it to me… and as I accepted the challenge it made me think. The challenge was to state 3 positive things about yourself each day for 7 days! Wow…..coming up with 21 good things about me???? How could I find that many? V-8 slap…..really? Why would that be so hard? It’s so easy to see the great and wonderful things in other people. Why is so hard to see them in ourselves? Is it because we don’t want to seem vain or conceited? Or do we truely not see our own value? Then as I passed the challenge along to two lovely ladies that I would have no problem stating the many positive things about them….their reaction was the same as mine….UGH! How can I???? But they took the challenge so let’s see what they come with….lets see what I come up with!

I challenge ALL of you….maybe not 21 things….but make a list of atleast 10 (more if you can!) wonderful things about you or your life! Add one thing in comments! I believe that writing (or typing) it makes it more concrete and more believable to you. I even made it easier by adding your life in there! YOU are wonderful! YOU are beautiful! YOU are kind and compassionate! YOU are gifted! YOU are blessed!

One of my favorite sayings really fits here: “There is none better than me, and I am better than none”. WE are all amazing & wonderful spirits learning & growing every day!



Blessed Day!

blessed day

So whats the plan for your day? Same old daily routine? When you get stuck into the same thing every day, you start to miss the many wonderful gifts that Nature & Universe have given us. We tend to start taking time and life in general for granted. MIX IT UP! Every now and then….switch your schedule, drive a different route, play hooky or switch your hours! Go somewhere new and take in the wonders! Try a new food or drink….listen to music you wouldn’t normally listen to. Give your senses a wake up….a RE-BOOT! See what an amazing difference this will make in your life… much more you’ll notice and appreciate…even the little things! 

Make it a Blessed Day!


Mondays One Card Message!

one card reading 08-25

Mondays Message! 08/25/14
Today’s one card was the Ace of Air from the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue (one of my favorite decks!):
Brilliant new ideas & inspirations. Seeing the truth of a situation. A challenging beginning.

Ace represents beginnings & Air represents thoughts & ideas. The message I receive from this beautiful card is that you’re coming up with some great new ideas (seeds being planted by the Universe) but you’re hesitating on any action. Once you see the truth….the reasons for why these seeds have been planted and the possibilities…then things will start to grow. It may be a slow start or there may be some obsticles but like a seed pushing through the ground, once the harder part of beginning has passed then it will become easier and be well worth it!
If you’re reading this post then it was meant for you! My intention was for the right card to be pulled for those seeing it

Milkweed~ A Fairy Favorite


* Milkweed *
Both Monarch butterflies and fairies like milkweed. If Milkweed is planted in ones garden, the Fae will always be in the area. The silky tassels of the milkweed pods can be added to a dream pillow to not only make it softer but also to make you dream of fairies. In the Autumn when the pods are bursting and the fluffy seeds are flying across the fields, a wish is granted for each seed that can be caught and then released again.

Milkweed Brings the Fae

As we celebrate this time of Sun
I gift to you some wonderous fun.
A must for a magical garden in spring,
as Butterflies & Fairies it will bring.
Wings of beauty to grace your eyes,
Magic to bring into your lives.
Or release it into the breeze,
a wish can be made for what you please.
This tiny fluff so light and fair,
will float away into the air.
Blessed it has been with my wish for you,
Magic it will bring to all you do.
You ask what is this magical seed?
It’s Fairy favorite…. Milkweed!




Yesterday I posted a guided meditation for Chakra balancing and it occured to me that maybe we should give a brief intro to what they are and what they do. Many people are familiar with the word and even the colors…..but many aren’t sure what they are. The Chakras are a spinning wheel of energy and our power centers through out our bodies. We have many but there are seven main ones that align up & down the center of our physical body. Each main Chakra will reflect a psychological, emotional & physical well being or dis-ease in that area. These wheels of spinning energy are like a data base….every thought and experience you have ever had (and some believe prior lives as well) are recorded & stored here. The Chakras should be spinning in a steady clockwise direction. If a Chakra is blocked or misdirected then it can lead to emotional or physical illness. I could go on and on with info on them but here is a quick guide to the 7 main Chakras, their location, color & purpose starting from the base and moving up:

ROOT (red) is located at the base of the spine and holds our being grounded & feeling stable. 

SACRAL (orange) is located just below the navel and hold family connection,emotions & sexuality.

SACRAL (yellow) is located just below the diaphram and holds the self power/self esteem.

HEART (green & pink) is located in the obvious space of the physical heart…this hold the ability to love & be loved.

THROAT (blue) is located in the center of the throat and holds the communication abilities.

THIRD EYE (indigo) is located in the center of the brow and holds our intuition and ability to see beyond the physical.

CROWN ( silver or lavender) is located just above the top of the head and is our spiritual connection and our faith.




Superstore vs Small Local Business

small business support


A lady walks around a “superstore” browsing for a gift. As she takes a necklace off the rack and puts it in her cart, she sees an old friend. After some small talk the friends says “did you hear about Emily’s Hand Made Jewelry Shop closing?”….she replies “no!…..I was just there a few months ago! She made some beautiful things, ….I wonder what happened?”. She continued around the “superstore” to the bakery department to grab some dessert for the evening and runs into another friend. They chit chat a bit and then the friend says “did you hear about Freds Bakery closing down?”…she replies…..”that wonderful little shop on the corner? They were there for years and made the best pies….I wonder what happened?”. She saddly shakes her head and wanders to the register to check out…finding the shortest line she takes her place and waits. When she finally makes her way to the cashier…..she gets a grumbled thanks, gets her change and moves on her way. She thinks to herself… was so much nicer & more personal at the small shops…..such a shame to hear they were closing.
The next time you need to grab a unique gift, a new outfit or maybe dessert….take minute to think about the small local business that would so appreciate your popping in. The “superstores” won’t miss a few patrons in a day but it could make or break the mom & pop shops and they will appreciate your visit! Don’t just talk about how nice the shops are….go to them! Don’t be using the “superstores” all the time and be saying later “I wonder what happened?”


Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

This Chakra meditation incorporates the placement, colors, direction, corresponding elements & the given rights
of each of the 7 main Chakras. You will feel balanced & relaxed as all of this takes place on a warm beach!

How Will Your Day Be?

good_morning coffee

So whats the plan? How is your day going to go? Are you ready & set for a wonderful day or are you prepared for a miserable day? Have you decided already?

If your first thought upon waking is “ugh, this is going to be a day from hell” or “gggrrrrr……its going to be such a busy day and I’m going to exhausted” then that exactly what you’ll get! Wouldn’t it be better to wake up, stretch, smile and say “I’m alive and breathing and its going to be a wonderful day!” or “It’s going to such a busy day and I’ll be so productive and then when I’m done, still have plenty of energy to enjoy the evening”. If we create what we think….and I’m a firm believer in that….then we can create the day with our first thoughts….or our last thoughts before falling asleep the night before. Even if you don’t believe in manifesting….you have to take into consideration that your thoughts still set a mood or mind set and it carries into your day. How many times have you had a bad morning….maybe you stubbed your toe getting up then spilled your coffee all over, ran out of hot water for your shower then were late to work….and the day seemed bad all through it? Or on the opposite side you had a great morning…and the day seemed to flow smooth? Thats not to say life doesn’t throw a curve in there sometimes…yes, things can still go wrong…..but think about how you start your day. Why not give it every chance possible of being the best day you’ve ever had!?

Good morning,


Be The Unique You

courage my darling girl

Why do so many try to be like everybody else? They dress the same…whats considered “in fashion” or the “current trend” is all you’ll find in their wardrobe. The newest hair style 7 make up fads. Even behavior follows the trends. Is it the fear of not being liked? Not fitting in? Or maybe it’s even a fear of standing out. Let go of the fear and be the you that fits you & not everybody else! Think about it……all of the fads & styles started with somebody doing something different. You are the only one that can be the best at being you!!!!!!